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ThIs Is ToO mUcH!

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My new phone background give away

I know this sounds weird but bear with me.

I’m look for a new background for my phone so suggest a picture. Preferably one of your own and I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner on Friday the 18th of April. The photo will be my phones display for a month until I decide to change it.

Now I did say this was a give away. The person who’s picture gets chosen will get 4-5 images drawn by me. One presumably for each week as a thank you.

•submit a picture to me preferably at least 400 pixels or bigger
•wait till Friday to see if you win
• no harm no foul right?
• preferably your own work or commissioned work. If you use someone else’s work tell me the name of the artist or I probably won’t count it


When the world goes dark only friendship will prevail. 

But where is friendship in a world that has been cast off into Despair. 

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I’m not really sure what I expected..

I can guarantee that, no matter what you were expecting, this wasn’t it.

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I just wanna work in a cat girl cafe or cosplay cafe.