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do you ever just get

viciously jealous

about people



that’s my friend


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Anonymous Asked: u-um you're really cool and sweet and awesome. I hope your day will be awesome and wonderful and that everything goes you way. Please take care ^w^

Thanks a whole bunch anon

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Keeping up with the LoL theme, I guess! I really don’t like Jinx’s official art. Her mafia version is kinda cute. But I suppose outside of her promotional art she’s pretty cute.

The 2nd panel with the blowjob, I fucking LOVE IT.

Okay so My support plays Leona and I play Diana, he signed off tonight and i told him I’d be waiting for him tomorrow and he was talking to someone else in another chat about Nid and it ended up like this..

[8:59] I gotta get off for now, Ali see you tomorrow..

[9:02] Alinora: Oh, Okay have a good night I’ll see you tomorrow when you get home

[9:03] French maid skin?




Sit tight sweetheart

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feeling horridly down send me league of legends requests

i am so good at drawing big hats

lulu from league of legends